Living “In the Moment” is a Challenge I know…

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I struggle as much as the next person to be present in THE moment. Mindful of the Here and Now. I get it! It’s tough with the advancement of technology, and the ever-present cell phone glued to our hips. The laptops, book readers, gaming devices, notebooks, I-Pads… You get the picture.

Have you ever mistakenly forgotten your cell phone and then half way to the office you had to drive back home? It is that sudden, heart racing, gut wrenching feeling that you may miss something really important (the latest social media update- kidding of course!) client call or even that emergency phone call from your child’s school? I know, I have been there more times than I can count.

What surprises me the most is the vast number of people who have a digital device plastered to their face while driving, walking, sitting, eating and YES even hiking. I am often blown away with the lack of authentic human connection that we all seem to have, even when another person is looking at us from across the counter or sitting beside us at the same table at lunch.

Earlier in my week I decided to detach from my many tech devices so I could get moving outdoors! My goal was to take a scenic nature hike close to home, so that I could “UN-plug” from the world over my lunch break. My intent was to leave my cell phone in the car, but to my surprise I couldn’t bring myself to do it, in fear that there would be an emergency and I would need it. I decided to keep it in my backpack so I could focus on the mountains, wild life and any beauty that I stumbled upon.

To my amazement I could not find ONE single person that did not have a cell phone in hand or were not glued to their mobile device while hiking (I must have come across over 75-100 people during my observation). One person almost walked off the side of the mountain because they were not focusing on the path directly in front of them. How often do we do this in life? Could it be forgetting to be “in the moment” at the checkout counter and not acknowledging the cashier in front of us with a simple hello, or by failing to unplug when your spouse or child needs you in some way? Guilty as charged for me too! Instead of saying, ” just a minute” to my child when I am busy on my device, I want to be more present to provide that instant human connection so that he knows he IS valued and what he says IS important to me. I am a constant work in progress.

My observation taught me that I want to be more aware of the precious human connections around me, and to strive to live “in the present moment” more each day. I discovered I want to take steps to be more mindful by making eye contact with strangers, giving more smiles, offering kind gestures and providing more genuine compliments. Kindness if free people!

How can we all be more present in our daily lives? I would love to hear your suggestions.



New Business Launch- LPBC Services Fills the Gap- Small Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

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New Business Launch- LPBC Services Fills the Gap

Small Company with Big Dreams offers 25 Years of Expertise

Gilbert, AZ- LPBC Services is a female owned, full-service business consulting agency that provides brand awareness, by offering targeted strategies and solutions that drive results. LPBC Services officially opened its “virtual doors” July 1, 2018.

The idea for LPBC Services originated from a burning desire to help others tell their story. Laurel Pendle, Founder created this business to fill a gap in the marketplace, and to spend more time with her family (she is a full-time, single mother). For many years, she was often asked by other professionals if she would provide business insight, sales, marketing and public relations strategies to help with big challenges that existed in their business. Pendle often said yes, and that growing need to mentor and lead ultimately fueled her dream of starting her own small business.

Pendle, Founder commented, “our goal is to help shape and share your story!” Many organizations do not have the time or budget to hire full-time employees to perform all of the necessary duties needed to grow a department or brand. Organizations often want valuable resources and talent that can identify with their vision, goals, and get up-to-speed quickly- to deliver results.  “We can help fill the gap in your business, so you can focus on the things YOU want to do. Think of our team as an extension of your organization,” Pendle said.

This is her forth start-up business over the last 12 years, and she has even helped other entrepreneurs launch their own businesses. Pendle has formally held top leadership positions in diverse industries globally, for over 25 years. She knew there was a gap in the marketplace, and so she launched LPBC Services to help fill that necessary void.

The good news is, there is already a steady stream of organizations that have jumped on board to work with LPBC Services. This is excellent news for the new business venture, and the driven, female entrepreneur that values relationships and family above it all.

About LPBC Services

Over 25 years of business expertise! LPBC Services offers creative solutions and strategies to help grow and promote your brand. Our goal is to help shape and share your story! We can help fill the gap in your business, so you can focus on the things YOU want to do. Think of our team as an extension of your organization.  We work behind the scenes to save you time and money. How can we help you become extraordinary?  For further Information please contact us today at  & check out our blog and rave reviews at

About the Founder

Laurel Pendle believes people and relationships come first – Then business and financial freedom will follow! Pendle is a passionate, driven entrepreneur that strives to create positive brand awareness through strategic partnerships & alliances. She graduated with a B.A., Cum Laude, Communications & Marketing degree from Arizona State University. Laurel is a Certified Meeting & Events Professional (CMP) and has worked with diverse organizations in various industries for over 25 years.  Laurel is a visionary, a ‘connector’ and a talented entrepreneur that thrives in partnering with dynamic organizations and people around the globe. In her free time, she enjoys the beach and hanging out with friends and family. She is a devoted mother, published author, philanthropist and social activist.


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Laurel Pendle, CMP




Goes Above and Beyond

Julie Quesada- Realtor at DPR Realty said, “Laurel’s professionalism and attention to detail is second to none! I had the pleasure of working alongside Laurel with the RPAC committee at Sevrar (real estate trade association of over 12,650 members). She’s the person of immense integrity that is paralleled by her work ethic. She always goes above and beyond. At every single meeting and event, she sure that even the smallest detail was taken care of and on point. Her calm demeanor and amazing organizational skills make her indispensable! I look forward to the chance to work with her again in the future!”

Do you wish you had more time?


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I know what it feels like to wish for more time to get everything accomplished that you need to… ALL in one day. One of the top needs that my clients often have is time poverty. They struggle to run an effective business or department with the lack of talent, resources and systems to get things moving forward – in the time allowed. They often stay STUCK in the process and run out of steam half way through the day. They complain of missed deadlines or not being able to expand their desired target audience or obtain new leads.

Numerous customers have admitted that they lack the skills and resources necessary to grow their business effectively because they do not have the budget to hire additional staff. I hear ya! The good news is that with LPBC Services you can reach out for those short-term and long-term projects, when you NEED it. We have the resources to get things done for YOU in a timely manner!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a RESOURCE that allowed you to save time, by offering solutions to propel your business to the next level? Every thought about attending a networking event, trade show but you don’t know which ONES would be ideal? What about the opportunity to create THE event of the year, ribbon cutting or launch party but you don’t know how? Want to capture the eye of the media to get your brand noticed but need an expert? Want brand recognition or repair? Yes!, You have come to the right place!

We work behind the scenes to save you time and money to do what you do best! We create successful plans to help grow your businesses using targeted and reliable strategies. How can we help you become extraordinary?

Storytelling is Alive and Well

Laurel Pendle, Founder of LPBC Services said, “ It is all about story-telling, credibility, exposure and creating a positive brand image. Public Relations is here for the long-haul!

Creating an opportunity to paint a picture for your reader, is often more effective in capturing your audience’s attention. It leaves them longing to hear more. Are you ready to share your story with us?

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Ready to become extraordinary?


Are you thinking of taking that next step in your business? Looking to attract more clients or want more visibility for your product or service?

We look to provide value and extraordinary services. We aim to fulfill an important gap- to save you time and money!

We strive to be the best in the industry by creating brand awareness and offering the top solutions.  How can we help you become extraordinary?

  • Press Release/ Press Kit Development
  • Media Relations
  • Business Strategy & Consultation
  • Marketing/ Promotions
  • Branding
  • Targeted Networking
  • Business Development
  • Content Creation/ Key Messaging
  • Project Management
  • Event/ Meeting Planning
  • Video/ Website/ Photography Services

$100 per hour (min of 3 hours) *Reduced rate of $95 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours.

 Bonus Offer-Sign a contract for a minimum monthly retainer of at least $5,000 and you will receive up to $450 worth of services for FREE! 

For further Information please contact us today!

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